Roumanie Interim
Temporary employment agency
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With ROUMANIE INTERIM you will win a human resource team, who working for you 24/24 h.


  • the preparation of the employment documents (medical examination, work contracts, administrative statements, medical insurance).
  • the registration of the work contracts at the competent institutions.
  • the wage payment and payroll issuing.
  • payment of taxes and social contributions.
  • management of the relationships with authorities.
  • provision of work and protection equipment.
  • employees’ insurance in case of accidents.
  • for a high number of employees employed by Roumanie-Interim and detached to your company, you can benefit from the services offered by one of our consultants, at your or at the workplace. This will directly administer the employees.
  • Fast getting of the requested employees due to our complex and varied database and the rigorous selection of the candidates.
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Roumanie Interim

Those over 10 years of experience, professionalism and customer appreciation are issues that recommend us!

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Human Resources

Qualified human resources for refineries, shipyards, civil and industrial constructions.

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Multiple possibilities of staff selection due to our complex and varied database.



If you are looking for a job, please consider our offers and apply them to the desired job.